Solar Power
PV Photovoltaic
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking
PWM Pulse Wave Modulation
PSW Pure Sine Wave
MSW Modified Sine Wave
SW Square Wave
HOG Hybrid Off-Grid
GTI Grid Tie Inverter
GTI-L Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter
AC Alternating Current
DC Direct Current
aH Ampere Hour
W Watt(s)
wHr Watt Hour
2P 2 Pole
  2 Phase / Single Phase
3P 3 Pole
  3 Phase
4P 4 Pole
L Line
G / GND Ground
N Neutral
IO / I/O Input / Output
DU Distribution Utilities
RME Registered Master Electrician
A / i Ampere
DoD Depth of Discharge
Vn Nominal Voltage
Isc Short Circuit Ampere
Voc Open Circuit Voltage
Vpm Maximum Power Voltage
Ipm Maximum Power Current
PF Power Factor
DIS Distribution Impact Study
CFEI Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
ATS Auto Transfer Switch
MTS Manual Transfer Switch
DG Distributed Generation
DMC Distribution Management Committee
DoE Department of Energy
EC Electric Cooperative
EDP Environmental Development Project
ERC Energy Regulatory Commission
kW Kilo-Watt
kWh Killo-Watt Hour
kWp Killo-Watt Peak
LGU Local Government Unit
Meralco Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company
  Manila Electric Company
NGCP National Grid Corporation of the Philippines
NGO Non-governmental organization
NREB National Renewable Energy Board
PEC Philippine Electrical Code
PEPOA Private Electric Power Operators Association
PSPA Philippine Solar Power Alliance
RE Renewable Energy
ROI Return on Investment
STC Standard Test Condition